A Change of Brand (with Blake Howard)

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At some point, every brand realizes that it’s time to do a “refresh”. However, there are any number of factors that can make a change difficult if not nearly impossible. You already have brand equity with your customers or clients, you have invested heavily in your brand design and assets, and rocking the boat can mean accountability if everyone ends up in the water.

How do you know when it’s time to make a change of brand? On this episode, we’re fortunate to have Blake Howard. He is the co-founder and Creative Director at Matchstic in Atlanta, and also the host of the new podcast A Change Of Brand on which he interviews leaders from companies who have made a significant shift within their brand and asks about the challenges and opportunities they encountered along the way. On this episode, Blake shares some of the biggest lessons that he and his team have learned while working with companies who have made a significant change to their brand.

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