10 Things Creative Pros Wish Their Manager Knew

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In this episode, we explore the misunderstandings and tension that often exist between creative pros and their organization. We explore how the two sides often speak different languages and have different perspectives, which can create waves within organizations. Drawing from Todd Henry’s book, Herding Tigers, we present ten things that creative pros wish their managers knew. These statements aim to spark dialogue and understanding between managers and their creative teams. From the importance of a balanced process and product to the truth about motivation and the role of design, we cover key insights that can lead to a more productive and harmonious work environment.

Key Learnings from this episode:

1. The process and the product are interconnected. A great process will yield a great product in the long run.

2. Money is not the primary motivator for creative professionals. It’s about the process, the work itself, and factors like prestige and career growth opportunities.

3. Organizations should reward employees within their competence, rather than pushing them into roles they may not excel in just for financial gain.

4. Design is not an afterthought but an essential part of any work. It should be seen as an ethic that guides decision-making.

5. Fear and scarcity are not effective motivators. They hinder creativity and risk-taking, resulting in unproductive work.

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