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  • Pause and ThinkIn busy times, the thing we most often squeeze out of our lives is the single most essential component to effectiveness: thought. Isn't it odd that when there is more on the line, we stumble into the bad habit of "shooting from the hip" rather than giving full and measured consideration to our responsibilities?
  • Daily Rituals of Brilliant CreatorsLast week I read Mason Curry’s new book Daily Rituals. There can also be a lot to learn by observing how ritual and routine forge channels for effective work, especially in the lives of especially productive artists and entrepreneurs.
  • How I Use Scrivener To Organize My Book WritingHaving traditionally published two books, I field a lot of questions from writers about how I manage my book projects, what kinds of software I use, and what my schedule looks like. Here’s a brief summary of my process.
  • 3 Things: SHOW YOUR WORK EditionNo matter what your line of work, if you want to have impact it's critical that you understand how to get your ideas out into the wide world.


  • Laurel HolmanGreat article! I love love love hearing about othe
  • Tracey Kazimir-CreeThank you, Todd. I used to stop and think a lot in
  • TerryBrilliant, Todd, and badly needed. Thanks for this
  • ManiI'm in the process of reforming my Drifter tenden